Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What's Hot Wednesday

This just in: Metro Goes "Au Naturel" !!
15 bolts of yummy scrumptious tans, black, browns and greys.

Check out this site for a free Metro Goes "Au Naturel" quilt pattern.

If these colors aren't your style, check out the Metro Goes Green line we got in last week! It's the same prints but in greens, tans and browns.


Anonymous said...

To My friend Katelyn. hello and i miss ya girl. couldnt comment on your blog. Lookin pretty crafty!

Mary, i couldnt find u.. Hope everythig is going good. Miss u as well

Everyone, Havent forgot about u all,hope u havent forgot me.I miss u guys so much! Hello Framers!

Always, AShley

KD Designs said...

I think we MAY be crazy.... here's to crazy!