Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What's Hot Wednesday

We have found THE BEST cure for your creative block. Mirecle 33, Creativity Patch. That's right, a PATCH for CREATIVITY!

Ok, well, we WISH we found a creativity patch, but unfortunately today is


But we do hope that our little blog is a "patch" of "creativity" you can use!

Click here to download the Creativity Patch.

So what is hot today?

Hands down, THE most popular fabric line we had in the store in 2008 was Metro Blue. So what could possibly top that? How about Metro Blue Goes Green!?!

The sumptuous green and brown fabric arrived and is out on the sales floor now. You better come and get it while you can, because the staff are hovering around it like vultures!

We also got in our first wave a new merchandise from Making Memories. Some fun Easter papers will be out on the sales floor very soon, along with some amazing organization products. Namely, this gorgeous Embellishment Center! We only got two of these to give them a try, so if you want one either come get it while it's here, or come in and put a deposit on the next order. You really just need to come see this in person. It is really beautiful!

Merchandise not included!


Anonymous said...

how much is it?

Patch Multi-Crafts said...

Please call the store or stop by for more information. Since we are on a base and only for ID card holders we limit the amount of info we put out on the web. Thanks for understanding!

PS. One sold today, so there's only one left!

Adie said...

Finally the Metro Blue Goes Green is in!!! I can't wait to see it in person. And I'm loving that craft shelf, too...