Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday Tips, Tricks and Time Savers

With Easter just a hop, skip and a jump away we figured you're probably thinking, "OH, the EGGS!" Was that just me? ... Easter is one of my favorite holidays (for many reasons), and decorating eggs is one of my favorite traditions. Whether it's simple dyed eggs, painted eggs, plastic eggs with goodies, or elaborately decorated eggs, there's just something fun about decorating an egg.

I remember about seven or eight years ago there was an issue of Martha Stewart Living that did a feature on wax resist eggs. Their eggs were simple. The kind you did as a kid with white crayon. But they mentioned the inspiration for their designs was from Pysanky eggs. I had no idea how to even pronounce this word, much less what it was. So, me being the obsessive crafter that I am, I researched it, learned everything I could, bought a kit, and started decorating eggs in the traditional Ukranian style.

My favorite part about these eggs is the symbolism. Every design on the egg is purposeful. It tells of a culture's faith, stamina, and thirst for life. If you're interested in learning more about this decorating technique I highly recommend the Ukranian Gift Shop. That's where I get my supplies from. They have great instructional books and high quality supplies.

If you're looking for some [less elaborate] decorating techniques I have to refer you back to good 'ol Martha. There's a fun little segment on the website with 39 different ways to decorate your eggs. Someone has GOT to try these chocolate eggs! If you do be sure and bring me one!

Click the photo for instructions.


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