Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday Tips, Tricks and Timesavers..

Because we're all "going green", here's a tutorial on reusable snack bags!
This project is so easy and perfect for the beginning sewer.
Please read entire tutorial before starting!

You will need:

1pc outer fabric measuring 11"x7.5"*
1pc lining fabric measuring 11"x7.5"
1pc (of both sides) sew-on velcro 6.25"
sewing machine
matching thread (**see step 4)

*I used a one-way design and becasue of this, when I flip over my snack bag, the owls are upside down!
Seam allowances are indicated for each step. Always back stitch.
1. Lay your two pieces of fabric, right sides together and sew both short ends with an 1/4" seam.
2. Press seams open.

3. Turn right sides out and press seams flat

**when sewing on the Velcro, I used blue thread in my bobbin and off white on the top
4. Center Velcro pieces on the short ends of the bag, lining side up (make sure the fluffy side and scratchy sides of Velcro are facing up!). No need to pin as it's OK if you're not exactly in the middle but pin if it makes you more comfortable.
5. Sew Velcro to fabric around all 4 sides, right along the edges as pictured. Repeat for other piece of Velcro. Your snack bag should now look like the picture below.

6. Fold fabric in half with lining facing. The Velcro will stick together. No need for pins!
7. Sew an 1/8" seam down both sides (see picture below).8. Turn bag so WRONG (lining) sides are facing out. Use something (not sharp) to poke out your corners. Fabric should look like the above picture.
9. Sew down both sides of bag using a 3/8" seam (see picture below). This will enclose the 1/4" seam from step 7.

10. Turn bag right sides out, poke out corners and you are done!
You can make this bigger or smaller, depending on your needs. For a sandwich sized bag, cut your fabrics @ 19"x7.5", Velcro should be 6.25" also. You can also use vinyl, or other water proof fabrics to line your bag.


insanely crafty said...

That is so awesome Jennifer! I am totally going to have to try this. Love the fabric!

Kelly's Korner said...

Very nice tutorial! Darling project!