Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sublime stitching

What is Sublime Stitching??
It's not your Grandma's Embroidery, that's for sure!

About Sublime Stitching:
"Sublime Stitching was founded in Austin, Texas in 2001 by artist Jenny Hart, due to an overabundance of bunny-n-duckie patterns and outdated, overly-difficult instructions for embroidery. Unable to find alternative designs for embroidery that appealed to a new generation of stitchers, Jenny decided to make them herself, and her Internet indie craft biz, Sublime Stitching was born. Sublime Stitching introduced edgy embroidery patterns, all-in-one embroidery starter kits and entertaining, now-I-understand-it instructions to bring stitching back to life for a new generation of crafters. Hart's pioneering take on an ages-old handcraft was met with worldwide press and hordes of loyal crafters, thankful for finally having an alternative to geese in bonnets.
Think Embroidery is hard? Think again! It really is super easy.
There are many ways to embroider, here is just one, easy way.
1. Tape your paper design to the window (during the day! And blue painters tape works the best)
2. Tape a piece of muslin, bleached or unbleached, over the paper design so you can see the design through the fabric. Tape the fabric so it's taught, around all 4 sides. You don't want the fabric to move much.
3. Take a water soluble pen and trace the design onto the fabric
4. When done, take down the fabric and paper. Take tape off fabric and insert fabric in to a hoop.
5. Thread your needle (size and type of needle is up to the embroiderer!) with DMC floss, and embroider around the design you traced. It's that easy.
For a stitch how-to, take a look at the Sublime Stitching site's how-to page.

Take a child's drawing and embroider it on fabric.

The above picture of embroidery is called "Red Work".

Above embroidery pattern from

Embroider a onesie or baby T. Cuckoo clock pattern from

And for more inspiration, take a look at the Sublime Stitching Customer Gallery or come in and see our display.

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