Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wir Bauen fuer Sie

That's right, we're working hard for you! This week we bought enough shelves to improve several areas of our sales floor.

  • New yarn cabinets: nice matching cabinets show off the beautiful colors of the yarn and separate them for easier storage

  • Fabric in the hallway: Familiar with the sale hallway? We've made it better. We now have three levels of sale fabric and a new section for the basics - solids, marbles, and interfacings. Remember, it's one yard min on sale fabrics, and not everything in the hall is on sale!

  • New shelves for bisque: Well, we're just completely redoing the pottery room. You guys have been really supportive of our new program and we want to make it even better! We will now have ALL our bisque on shelves ready to purchase. We will be adding to our current selection very soon. We have already purchased all new glazes and hope to get them organized this week.

  • A new front door! You may have noticed that you can't get in the front door. That's because we are getting a new breezeway entrance. The door will still have sliding glass doors, but it will have a nice covered entryway where you can get out of weather and where we can display some art!

We love the shop and are always trying to find ways to improve. Let us know if you notice anything we could do better!

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