Monday, June 16, 2008

Have you seen this?

These kits were ordered at the CHA show in February and they are way cool! It is a kit for making your own scrapbook. Everything comes in the kit that you need except for the cover. That's where your creativity comes in. Use fabric or paper to cover your album and embellish it with ribbon, stickers, or whatever. Some ideas:

  • Fabric: we have TONS of awesome fabric!
  • Paper: For the small kits you can use regular 12x12 paper. Check out the new FLOCKED lines from Chatterbox's artsy.licious line. For large kits ask for our SPECIAL line of Asian papers. These aren't on the sales floor because they are SO awesome! We have them protected in the back.
  • Pictures: Try a collage of pictures, or use printable fabric to make the cover.
  • Clothes: Try your kid's football jersey for a fun school themed scrapbook.
  • Baby Blanket: Want to remember that special time in your child's life? Try using a receiving blanket as the cover.

Whatever you choose, this album will be a reflection of YOUR LIFE so make it special!

Kits come in 12x12, 8x8, 4x6, and picture frames. 4x6 Album featured in photo above.

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