Friday, January 20, 2012

Felt Topiary

We're very excited to be celebrating the birthday of our beloved Arts and Crafts program. We decorated the store like a birthday party and have some fun activities lined up!

Today we made a topiary made out of felt. We cut 2" circles of felt using the die cut machine in the shop. Then we folded those into quarters and pinned them to a giant styrofoam ball.

This ball is GIANT! I think it was a 6" diameter ball. It took 3/4 of a yard of felt to cut out enough circles. And lots of straight pins. It took a little while to get the whole ball covered, so we enlisted help from our customers!
Once we got the ball covered we used a dowel rod to create the "tree trunk." We cut ours with the big saw in the frame shop, but that's just because we could. You can do this yourself with a craft knife or a handsaw with no problem! Half a styrofoam ball sits in the bottom of the pail to hold in place, and home dec rocks cover the ball to make it look pretty. Tie it off with a ribbon and you have a fun felt topiary ready for your Valentine's or Spring home decor!


Fukuii Crafts said...

Wow. That is really cute. Thank you for sharing.

pearlswirl said...

Kelly, this is adorable! :)

csoby said...
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Sewing by Shirley said...

This is really pretty!

Unknown said...

The topiary craft you have made it's looking so attractive, the color you have chosen for making this it will get eye-catching look when the craft has complete. This craft is quite easy for making and these photographs have made it easier for making.

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