Saturday, April 2, 2011

Watercolors by Kirsten Carlson

Kirsten Carlson is one of our instructors and is an amazing artist! Mary and I went to see her work on display at an art gallery in Leonberg and were blown away! Kirsten has a degree in marine biology and her artwork is based on her real life experience under water! She even had a globe marking the places around the world she has dove. She also showed us a video and her equipment she used to draw UNDER WATER!

Kirsten will have some artwork, the children's books she has illustrated, and some postcards available at the upcoming Art and Espresso, May 19-21. She will also have a few items on display at the store when her exhibition is finished. If you want to LEARN from an amazingly talented, energetic, and just plain fun instructor, look for Kirsten's watercolor and drawing classes at the shop.

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