Friday, October 2, 2009

Clothespin Bats

Make these adorable Clothespin Bats and start Halloween off right!

Supplies (to make 6 bats):

  • bat template found here

  • 3 sheets of black 12x12 card stock

  • hot glue gun works the best but for children use tacky glue

  • pencil and paper scissors

  • red and black paint

  • 6 large clothespins

  1. Print and cut out template

  2. Trace template on to black card stock with pencil (you will need 12 bats total)

  3. Cut out each bat

  4. paint eyes on each bat using red paint

  5. Take apart clothespins and paint black

  6. Once dry, reassemble clothespins

  7. Take 6 bats and turn them upside down.

  8. Run a strip of hot glue down the body (see picture below) and immediately put a clothes pin on top of the glue as pictured

  9. Take your remaining 6 bats and on the wrong side, run a strip of glue down each body. Immediately take your clothes pins that are already glued to the other bats and stick them on the glue strip. You should now have your clothespin sandwiched between two bats.

  10. To make the wings stick together, peel back one wing and apply a glue dot about the size of a dime on the other wing (see photo). Immediately squeeze the two wings together. You will do this for all the bats on each wing.

    Your finished!

    Attach them to curtains or blinds or make a "clothesline" of bats by stringing clear monofilament across a window or wall like we did at the store.

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