Saturday, August 29, 2009

Scrapbook Satruday: Go Digital!

Part 1: The Perks

To anyone who has ever been interested in scrap booking or photography, I would like to say this: Go digital. Not that there is anything wrong with traditional paper-and-glue scrap books! But why not give digital a try?

There are a lot of digital scrap booking programs out there, but I use Photoshop Elements and I love it! You can use the program to manually tweak your photos, or you can download actions that will change your photos automatically. You can try different looks, zoom and crop, and so long as you don't save the changes, you can just hit "undo" and it will revert back to the original if you don't like it!

Once you get your photos looking just the way you want them, you can then put together your scrapbook page with the same program. All of your papers, stickers, stamps and embellishments will be digital, so you will have no clean up when you're done. And, just like with the photos, you can undo anything! There's no wasted material if you cut a paper or place a sticker that you decide doesn't look so great after all. Perhaps best of all, everything will be contained in your computer and can be set aside at any time with no mess strewn all over your dining or coffee table. If you happen to be working on a lap top, even better! Your project can be taken with you where ever you go!

Here are a few examples of the pages that I've done for my own scrapbook:

Now that I've got you interested, stay tuned for the next Scrapbook Saturday post, and I'll tell you how to get started on your own digital scrapbook! If you can't wait, check out our digital scrapbooking starter packs in the shop!

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