Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What's hot Wednesday

We're back! While we were busy with our wonderfully fun Arts and Crafts contest & Art and Espresso sale, quite a bit of fabric came in. Please excuse the bad lighting and blurry photos. Hopefully this will whet your appetite enough to pop in and see it for yourself. Marcus Bros. Sturbridge Village by Judie Rothermel
Blank fabric, Jardin Jolie and Marcus Bros. Elements white on white.

Brown Bear and Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Caryle for Andover.

1930's style Clothesline by Darlene Zimmerman for Kaufman fabrics.

Kaufman's, Carolina Chambray. You must see this fabric up close. Chambray is a versatile fabric to work with. It was first made with a light blue warp and white weft. It became very popular for work men's clothing. The bottom bolt in this picture is that style. The other bolts are shot through with different colors giving the fabric a sheen that gets better with age.

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Jenny P. said...

ohhh!! The chambray! Corinea said it was different than traditional chambray (the bottomone) it's gorgeous!!! Those little shorts I made would be cute out of these.