Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What's Hot Wednesday

If you saw our post on the arrival of Metro goes au Natural but haven't come to the shop to see it, I hope this persuades you. Martina Reed, one of our wonderful volunteers, made this quilt out of the line. It's gorgeous! This quilt pattern is a free download from here. Tina made it a bit smaller than the pattern called for, it's a great size and a nice option for a smaller quilt. She is usually in on Tuesdays if you would like any advice.


Mary said...

That's really beautiful, nice job Tina!

Julie said...

Tina, Fabulous Quilt...I Love it! I've been in two days in a row to look at this beautiful quilt. Finally asked Corina what the pattern was. Thanks so much for posting it. I'll be in this week to pick out my fabric. Haven't decided yet if I'll make it in the green or natural line...hmmm maybe I'll have to make two. Thanks again!!