Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday Scraps

Jennifer made an adorable giant clothes pin this week out of the Sasafrass Lass Robotics kit.

Decopauge is so easy and fun that even pre-schoolers can get in on it! Want a fun activity to do with your kids? Next time you use a canned product, wash out the can really well and let it dry overnight. Gather some fun scrapbooking papers, construction paper, scissors, modge podge, a paper bowl, and an old paintbrush or sponge brush.

Cover your table with paper sacks or newspaper. Lay out all your goodies on the table and put some modge podge in the paper bowl. Let your kids cut or rip the papers into smaller pieces. Put the glue on the can and put the paper on top, making sure to get all the edges glued down. Once you finish you can use acrylic paint on the inside of the can to give it a clean look. Let it dry overnight before you put anything in it. That acrylic paint can be tricky!

Using recycled household products is a great way to create fun things for yourself and your kids. But if you're looking for a more {professional} looking finished product, the store has tons of great ready to cover wood, chipboard, and papier mache products available.

Click here for a more in-depth tutorial on decopauge.

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