Monday, March 2, 2009

Miscellaneous Monday

Arts and Crafts participated in the first [annual?] Feline Fun Show hosted by Sports and Fitness. How does that relate to crafts or fitness? Well, there were a few cat herding moments... and we'll take any excess to get out with our crafts!
Here's just a few of the participants:

The distinguished judges:

And some kitty themed crafts:
If you missed the show, but love the kitty crafts (who wouldn't?!?) don't worry. Some of them will be for sale at the store this week. (Wait till you see the kitty shaped place mats!)
I can't remember all the winners (I guess I should have taken notes...) , but my daughter's cat one two places! You can read about that here. It was loads of fun and I hope we do it again!
PS. All you dog lovers out there.... I bet if you keep your eyes peeled you might see a fun dog show on the horizon......

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