Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday Tips, Tricks and Time Savers

This week we wanted to give you some fun inspiration for making Valentine's treats for the kids and family.
On the Computer

Easy: Take a photo of one of the kids making a heart shape with their fingers. Insert text over the top and add a border. Voila! A quick Valentine you can print at home or at the store on the Luci Kiosk.

(picture "borrowed" from creating keepsakes)
Read the tutorial for this fun twist on Valentine's Cards from
Creating Keepsakes


Easy:(picture "borrowed" from skip to my lou)
Make these super cute Butterfly Valentines! Free down loadable PDF pattern available from
Skip To My Lou.

You'll Need:
Chocolate Kisses
Wooden Skewers
Red Crepe Paper (or thin scrapbooking paper)
Green Floral Tape
Paper Leaves

What to do:
1. Push the skewer through two kisses, keeping their flat sides together
2. Wrap the red paper around the kisses and twist around the skewer
3. Starting at the base of the "bud" wrap the floral tape around the skewer. Add a paper leave while wrapping
4. Tie a little piece of ribbon at the base of the "bud"
5. Write "to:" and "from:" on the paper leaf and their ready to give away!


Jenny P. said...

kelly, what action or light-altering thing did you do in photo shop for Haven's pic?

Anonymous said...

What wonderful cute ideas! You guys are just genius!

pearlswirl said...

This is fantastic! I've got to get started on some sample posts.

Kelly's Korner said...

I think I started with one of Pioneer Woman's b/w actions and then added some brownish pink to it. Bump up the curves too. That gets the washed out effect.