Monday, July 28, 2008

Sushi Fun!

We had such a blast today making sushi at the library! This was RDS in action! (That's just an Army acronym that means we work together!) It was so awesome to see couples come out together, friends, soldiers, a father and son and a mother and daughter! Sushi is such a communal activity and this class was such a wonderful example. This is really what we're in business for. (Not making sushi... although we'd love to!) We're here to teach people new and creative things, give spouses something to do while their other half is deployed, bring families together to do something fun... we're just here to meet the needs of our community. And this time we got to do it over sushi! Mmmmm, yummy! We will definately do this again.


Jenny Bean said...

My friend Tatiana was there today, and she had a great time. Just thought you all would like to know :)

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody!
I also like to make sushi, it's easy & fun
if anyone interested , let's organize
one more time, the first meeting I'd missed, but I'll be glad to show how to make sushi and make new friends

Aigul Huffman