Wednesday, June 25, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things...

The sun is out and it's hot. Wait no... it's cloudy and pouring down rain... nope, hot again. That's pretty much one day in Germany right now. As a result... it's been pretty darn quiet in the store these last two weeks. We've had bursts of customers, but then long lonely afternoons. So what have my crazy girls been up to? Not twiddling their thumbs! Here's some of my favorite new displays from around the store:

This is a new bin Corinnea ordered to hold buttons. They didn't know what to do with the other two sections at first, but came up with putting the loose thread in there! It looks so great! Now we just need one of those little metal scoops for the buttons like they use at the candy store.

Flag quilt kits packaged in jelly roll and displayed on a cake stand. (I added the flag. Hehe, I helped!)
I walked by this display for days before I realized it was sitting on an old brown stool. The girls love repurposing.

These are some new bundles and jelly rolls featuring new Moda fabric Corinnea ordered from the Quilt Market.

This is a little gem. It's a three-tiered wagon that Corinnea ordered to display fat quarter bundles. It's way cute! The fat quarter singles all moved to the CD rack behind the cutting table. Also very cute!

Bundles close up. Jennifer made some new tags. It was also her inspiration to order the twill ribbon with the store name. I love it!

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