Saturday, June 21, 2008

New New New!

New fabric! We got in 4 new lines of fabric this past week! Only 3 are shown so you'll have to come in to see the other one!
We have a new consigner! You have to see these dragonflies in person.
They are all hand beaded by Jenny B.


Jenny Bean said...

Well my goodness! I love those dragonflies. They are SO cute :) I may be biased though :)

sasha said...

Such talented people arund there! Awesome..... Hey, does that fabric (blue on bottome left) have owls on it? That line is beautiful! All of them are nice, but that one's super! I wish I could come see the other.... :( The place is looking AMAZING!!!! Great work, gals! Miss you all! (and guys, too!)

Jenny P. said...

It does have owls!! You'll have to come visit us before you go to Oregon. We all miss you:)