Friday, April 18, 2008

Welcome our Newest Consignor

We want to say "Welcome" to our newest consignor Katie Ryan. She drove all the way from Heidelburg to share her art with us! Katie does the traditional paper layering art that you can find here in Europe. Does that have a specific name? Comment me if you know.
Anyway, the picture to the left is one of her creations, but it just does not do it justice. You really need to come in and see how beautiful these pieces are. She brought three. This one is a Santa, there is an amazing one with an American flag and an eagle, and a very sweet one with a girl and her dog.
Katie makes everything by hand, including doing her own matting and framing. These three pieces are on sale now and when we sell these she'll bring more. So stop by any time and see them up close.

Detail of Santa

Detail of Eagle

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Kelly's Korner said...

Corinnea found it! It's "Paper Tole."