Thursday, March 13, 2008

Strecker Outing

Corinnea and I finally found the "fast" way to Strecker. Yeah! We still spent two hours there! But we got the COOLEST decorations for the Arts and Crafts awards ceremony on May 7th. We're going with a black, white, and green theme. We started finding cool black and white stuff and I wanted to throw in a splash of color. We thought teal, but all the teal stuff was nautical themed. Gag... But they had some very nice green motifs. Mostly a darker shade of kiwi. Then we wanted (well ok I wanted) to throw in some really random tacky thing. Corinnea really had to hold me back. They had some TACK-Y things! My favorite items that she actually let me buy was a beaded lizard that I plan to attach to the wall. So fun! I'll get a picture of him put up tomorrow.

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